Monday, September 21, 2015

New Solus (unofficial) Blog is here!

As many of you have noticed, I do artworks for Solus and so I've been doing for a while. But recently I felt the need to gather all of these on one place rather than having them all scattered around randomly in the forums.
So here is my attempt at that, which hopefully will be a place where artists contribute with artworks for the Solus Project .
All sorts of artworks are welcome here, including iconsets , stickers, banners, wallpapers, themes, badges, CD labels, artistic concepts ..etc 
I should note that this is NOT official or by any means endorsed by the Dev team of Solus Project , so none of the artworks here should be considered official unless they state otherwise.
I (Blake Angelo, aka Archangel) am the sole editor of the Blog for now , but as soon as I come in contact with other artists , that will probably change :) feel free to share and invite other people / artists to my blog , and if yourself are one, and are willing to contribute artworks as well, then I'll be glad to have more bloggers.
Thank you for you interest and support :)